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Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association (R.I.L.S.A)
In Association with Joey’s Snooker Club, Bewley’s Hotels & Stars Academy Ireland
Invitation to Players and Countries,
On behalf of the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association I have the pleasure of inviting you to send your players or participate yourself in the 2015 Irish Ladies Open Snooker Championship from Sunday 26th – Friday 31st July 2015 at Joey’s Snooker Centre, Dublin, Ireland. There will be an opening ceremony at approximately 7pm on Sunday 26th July.
The ceremony will be held in Bewley’s Hotel Dublin Airport. All players and officials are requested to attend. 
VISAS: Visas are required by many countries.  All non-Irish passport holders are advised to check with their relevant Embassy.  Please contact us as soon as possible with your passport details should you need a personal invitation letter from us. 
DRESS CODE & LOGOS All players competing in the Irish Open Snooker tournament must conform to the dress code rules.  Any player not complying with the requirements may be subject to disciplinary action. Capped, short or long sleeve shirts or blouses are acceptable. We strongly encourage the wearing of coloured waistcoats, which reflect your individual personality and taste. However ultimately we leave the final decision up to the individual. Dress Rule Options: Smart trousers/slacks, shirt or blouse, waistcoat compulsory, smart/elegant footwear (bow ties are preferable, but not compulsory). Waistcoats must be buttoned whilst in the playing arena.  Additional: Hair should be tied back and presentable; make up may be worn, but should not be excessive (including nail varnish if applicable).  The association cannot make decision regarding your individual taste and preferences.  However the above are strict guidelines and you must adhere to them. The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association reserves the right to make decisions regarding the dress code.  Items strictly not permitted: Any form of denim, jeans (i.e. studded trousers), leggings, jumpers, cardigans, vests, polo shirts or baggy ill-fitting items, or shoe strap tops, trainers, sandals, flip flops, canvas shoes or any headwear (i.e. hats). If you are found to be wearing any of the above items or if the Tournament Director considers your presentation unacceptable, you will receive a verbal warning about your attire. Any further flaunting of the rules will result in a frame forfeit and possible exclusion from the tournament. WITHDRAWALS please be aware that in the event of a withdrawal there will be no refund of entry fees.
Entry for RILSA International/International Plate Tournaments & 6-Red Championships has started.  Countries can enter their player/s names and details on the entry form below, to Mr Dan Carroll RILSA Chairman by email to dancarroll147@gmail.com for entries by email. Please Enclose proof of payment.
Closing date for entries is Friday 29TH MAY 2015. All entries must supply passport type photo and complete the entry form in BLOCK CAPITALS and the entry fee of €50 must accompany each entry form.  Fees are to be made payable to Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association, by cheque or bank draft.  Postal entries to Mr Dan Carroll “Ardmachree” Craanlusky, Milford, Co Carlow, Ireland.
Entries will be on a first come first served basis and limited to 64 players.
All entries will be drawn into groups of 4.  The winner of each group will go forward to the knockout stage.  The 2nd placed player from each group will qualify to the Ladies International Intermediate Championship knockout stage.  All remaining group players will be entered into an open draw for the International 6-Red Championship.
The Championship will commence on Monday 27th and end on Friday 31st July 2015. 
On Sunday 26th, following a Referees and Players meeting at 7pm in Bewleys Hotel, Dublin Airport. The week will kick off with an informal Opening Ceremony with music and song.

Host Association: Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association (RILSA)
Host City: Dublin
Bewley’s Hotel Dublin Airport – Stockhole Lane, (N32 Junction), Co Dublin, Ireland
T: +00 353(0) 1871 1000 F: +00 353(0) 1871 1299
Email: dublinairport@bewleyshotels.com
HOTEL ROOM RATES (in Euro Showing 3 options below)
Room only
€33.00 per person sharing per night – based on 3 sharing a triple room
€44.50 per person sharing per night – based on 2 sharing a twin room
€85.00 per night for single occupancy
Bed & Breakfast
€40 per person sharing per night – based on 3 sharing a triple room
€52.50 per person sharing per night – based on 2 sharing a twin room
€89.00 per night for single occupancy
Bed & Breakfast with Dinner
€53 per person sharing per night – based on 3 sharing a triple room
€64.50 per person sharing per night – based on 2 sharing a twin room
€99.00 per night for single occupancy


Venue address: Joey’s Snooker Club, 148 Harmonstown Road, Dublin 5, Ireland
T: 00 353 (0) 1 8187633 Email dancarroll147@gmail.com
Website address: http://www.147starsacademy.com
Number of Match tables; 11
Number of Practice tables: 6 after evening sessions
Cloth:  TBC
Balls: Aramith
Scoring System: Manual/Electronic

A.   Name of nearest International Airport:  Dublin International Airport
B.   Travel time from Airport to Bewleys Hotel Dublin Airport:  15 mins,  there is a free bus service from the Airport to Bewleys Hotel with buses going every 20 minutes from ZONE 14 at Bus Park
C.   Travel time from Hotel to Venue:  15 mins
D.   A bus service will be provided for players staying in Bewleys Hotel to the Venue during the Championships.
E.   TAXI’s are available from the Hotel and the average cost to Venue is €10 and the same applies to or from the Airport.


International Ladies Championship Prize Fund (subject to 64 entries) €3,000
Intermediate Ladies Championship Prize Fund (subject to entries) €1,300
6 Red Ladies Championship Prize Fund (subject to entries) €700

The breakdown of prize money will be published after the closing date on our website 147starsacademy.com

Visas are required by many countries.  Please check with the relevant Embassy

Local Currency is EURO

Drug Testing:  Players may be subjected to drug testing in accordance with the WADA Drugs-in-sport policy.

Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association
Conduct During Matches

To enhance the enjoyment of the game it is essential to be considerate and respectful towards other players, both in your own match and those on adjacent tables. The official rules of the game of snooker lays down certain rules of conduct, and if your match has a referee assigned solely to it, he/she will certainly apply them.
The early stages of our RILSA tournaments usually have a small number of referees shared between several tables, a process known as roaming. A roaming referee is only able to assist players on request and is not in charge of play on any of the tables. Referees can give warnings relating to conduct in both roamed and refereed matches and if they are not complied with can award a frame to the non-offending player. If during a roamed match you feel that your opponent or a player on an adjacent table is not acting considerately the best procedure is to raise it with them as soon as possible. They may not be aware that they are creating a problem for you. If the problem then continues you should discuss it with one of the referees.
Good "Table Manners" comprises the following points:-
1. Try to avoid being in your opponents view when they are down on a shot. This means being well off to one side or behind them, not just away from the direct line of sight.
2. If your opponent gets down to a shot before you have had time to move out of view, just freeze and keep completely still until after the shot has been played.
3. Wait until after the shot has been played before starting to walk towards the target pocket. This can be very distracting even if you are out of sight. If they are down on a shot keep still.
4. If you are the striker and moving around the table for your next shot, give a thought to the players on adjacent tables. Try not to move through their sight line when they are down on a shot.
5. Do not talk to spectators during a match. This can be thought of as coaching which is not allowed.
6. If you have supporters, ask them not to applaud every shot that you make, but to keep applause for the really good shots. This avoids disturbing players in other matches.
7. Do not make unnecessary noises when your opponent is down on a shot. This includes things like sucking noisily on water bottles, eating crisps, and even chalking your cue.
8. Do not moan about your bad luck or the good luck of your opponent, it is unsporting.
9. When you have a roaming referee situation, please call out your opponents break score after each and every shot that they make. Say it loud enough for your opponent to hear, but not so loud it disturbs other matches. If you are spotting a colour, state the break score after the ball has been spotted, not when the colour has just entered a pocket. This tells your opponent they may now play their next shot.
10. At the end of a frame or match do not discuss it with your opponent or your referee in the snooker room. It is distracting to other players. Wait until you are out and away from play area.

11. At the end of a frame fill in the points scored on the score sheet, also write in the current frame score, change the frame score numbers on the board, and zero the scores on the board.
12. If you are so far behind in a frame that you need several snookers please consider conceding the frame. Playing on for a further 15 or 20 minutes will probably not change the outcome of your match but will result in the whole tournament ending that much later for all those in the later stages of the tournament.
13. At the end of your match, fill in the match sheet. Write the name of the winner and the final frame score. Both players must then sign it. Put the frame numbers on the board back to 0-0 and reset the point scores for the next players on your table. Take your names off the board and give both of them and the match sheet to the TD. Leave the pen, blue tack, and frame numbers for the next players on your table.
14. In roamed matches we play a reduced version of the foul and a miss rule. Only if a ball-on can be seen completely, that is full ball and both edges without a ball not-on interfering when a ball-on is not struck must a foul and a miss be called.
15. It is unsporting to ask for a put-back if the position left after a foul and a miss offers you an easy pot to start a break. This is normally true when there is a free ball offered in addition to the foul and a miss.
16. Please be ready to start play at the appointed match start time. If you have been in the reception/coffee area for some time it is unreasonable to wait until after your match is called before deciding to buy a drink, visit the toilet, or grab a last cigarette. Every minute you are late starting your match is an extra minute added to the end of the tournament. The TD will be strict about awarding frames in cases of lateness. Except in exceptional circumstances, if you are not at your table within 10 minutes of the time the match is called, which will be written on the match sheet, a frame will be awarded to your opponent.
17. There will be no cigarette breaks allowed between frames in a match. Rule 4.1 will apply in such cases.

Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association
International Player Registration Form
Please complete the form below in BLOCK CAPITALS and return to R.I.L.S.A Chairman Mr Dan Carroll “Ardmachree” Craanlusky Milford Co Carlow, Ireland also entries can be made by email to dancarroll147@gmail.com with confirmation that entry fee will be forwarded thereafter to the address above.


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